Swim inside Burj Khalifa pool for only Dh50

Dive right in

It’s no secret that Dubai is blazingly hot. With temperatures soaring to 50 degrees Celsius, it pays to cool down and have fun in the pools.

And here’s a deal that will tempt you to go for the dive right away. Seriously!

Every Wednesday to Friday, the Burj Khalifa is hosting a Rooftop Soiree where residents can not only swim, but also enjoy good music and food. According to their website, it will cost Dh150 – but before you call us out on the headline, read on…

Here lies the catch. From that Dh150, you get a Dh100 voucher redeemable on food and beverage. So actually, you’re only paying Dh50 to use the pool in one of the most prime locations in entire Dubai!